At least 13 dead, including seven children, in Russia school shooting

At least 13 dead, including seven children, in Russia school shooting

At least 13 people, including seven children, were killed in a shooting in an Izhevsk school, in the center of Russiathe researchers said Monday, who added that the attacker committed suicide.

“13 people, including six adults and seven minors, died in this crime,” he had previously indicated in a statement. Russian Investigative Committeein which he added that 14 children and seven adults were injured.

The suspect was wearing a sweater. “black with Nazi symbology and a balaclava”, the researchers explained. It is about of a former student of the center, Artem Kazantsev, born in 1988, specified in another statement. “We are checking if he was in tune with neo-fascist positions and Nazi ideology,” the source said.

A previous balance of the investigation committee realized of nine victims, including five children.

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The committee also published a video showing the body of an individual lying on the ground, with blood around the skull and dressed in a black pullover with a red swastika.

“The police found the body of the man who opened fire. According to our information, he committed suicide,” explained the Russian Ministry of the Interior, which initially reported six dead and 20 wounded.

The events occurred in the morning hours. at Izhvesk school No. 88a city located west of the Uralswhich divide the European part from the Asian zone of Russiaand which houses the factories of the kalashnikov assault rifles.

The establishment has about a thousand students and 80 teachers, according to its website.

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“Inhumane Terrorist Act”

The Russian President Vladimir Putindescribed the attack as “inhuman terrorist act”said the spokesman for Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov.

“The president deeply mourns the death of people and children in this school where a terrorist attack was carried out,” Peskov said, adding that Putin wishes that “the injured […] recover.”

According to the regional governor, Alexander Brechalov, in a video posted on Telegramthe attacker entered the school, he killed the guard and then opened fire inside the establishment pointing towards the children.

Visibly moved, the governor spoke in front of the school. In the background, medical personnel could be seen entering the building.

“The evacuation is over” and the “whole perimeter is cordoned off,” Brechalov explained in the video, specifying that the National Guard of Russiathe FSB security services and the authorities in charge of the investigation were on the spot.

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An investigation was opened by “murder” and “illegal carrying of weapons”which was transferred to the investigation committee of Russiathe main investigative body in the country.

Monday’s shooting comes amid tense weather in many regions of Russiain a context of military mobilization of hundreds of thousands of reservists for the offensive in Ukraine.

This Monday too a man opened fire in a center Russian Army recruitment in Siberiaseriously injuring a soldier who worked there.

The phenomenon of shootings used to be very unusual in the country, especially in schools, but in recent years it has become more frequent, to the point that Vladimir Putin expressed concern, attributing the causes to events imported from USA and the perverse effect of globalization.

Izhevsk It is a city of about 650,000 inhabitants and is the capital of the Republic of Udmurtialocated in the center of the country.

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