Fábrega trusts that the 173,000 residents of the capital who voted for him will not sign the revocation of the mandate

“I only believe in God and I leave the rest to man”, this was one of the answers that the mayor of the capital, José Luis Fábrega, gave to the media when asked about the process of revoking his mandate.

Fábrega, who was in the sector of Cabo Verde, in the town of Curundú delivering an order to proceed for the rehabilitation of buildings, said that we currently live in a democracy and that “anyone has the right to do whatever they want,” he said. by assuring that “it cannot be that a person without any legal basis comes to ignore the more than 173,000 votes they gave us.”

“I do not have time to be on issues for which I was not elected, my function is to work for the people and that is what I am doing, go to the communities and ask if the people want the gas tank or not, ask”, said.

He reiterated that we live in a democracy and that he is a man who respects the authorities and their rulings, but despite anything, “nothing and no one is going to divert us.” He said that he and his team are working and delivering works, among which he mentioned the seafood market whose guarantee will be delivered between tomorrow and Friday.

He added that they already have 32 new projects that they will be visiting in the next two weeks.

During the signature collection process that began on the morning of this Wednesday, April 20, users of the tribunalcontingo.com platform reported problems and that the page was down.

At 12:33 noon, 1,033 people had already signed the petition to revoke the mandate.

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