FA requests information from the Ministry of the Interior and the Foreign Ministry after granting a passport to a drug trafficker

Senators from the Broad Front carried out a Request for access to information to the Ministries of the Interior and Foreign Affairs to learn the background of the resolution that granted the passport to drug trafficker Sebastián Enrique Marset Cabrera, currently required by Interpol. The document was signed by legislators Daniel Caggiani, Charles Carrera, Alejandro Sánchez, Sandra Lazo, Sebastián Sabini and José Carlos Mahía.

Between consultations, parliamentarians ask to know the administrative process followed by the authorities prior to granting a passport to a person residing abroadwhile requesting information about the offender’s legal status at the time. According to what is stated in the request, its intention is to find out if Marset Cabrera had a requisition or had a red notice from Interpol -which would have made it impossible for him to access the request- at the time of starting the process.

According to article 27 of Decree No. 129/014, the drug trafficker’s passport could be issued since he did not have pending cases, open judicial proceedings or a nationwide requisition at that time.

Another question refers to the document issue date. As El Observador learned, this was issued by the National Directorate of Civil Identification last november 25 and then forwarded to the Foreign Ministry for delivery.

On the other hand, the legislators ask if the drug trafficker applied for a passport in 2019 and, if he has not obtained it, they ask to know the reason for the denial.

Marset Cabrera started the process from jail and got his passport Uruguayan in November. That was one of the reasons that his lawyer put forward to request that he be released later. understanding that he was not a risk nor was he a relevant criminal if his own country authorized the documentation. And so he got it.

However, after he was released, Paraguayan authorities confiscated assets of more than US$100 million from a criminal organization -in what was the country’s largest operation against organized crime- of which the Justice of that country accuses him as one of the ringleaders. In turn, the Uruguayan police have been investigating him since 2018, the weekly reported.

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