Extreme heat and cold

Extreme heat and cold

For us, from 15 degrees below it is already cold, imagine having minus 10 degrees? well that is the reality of Mexico now at the beginning of its winter. While in Paraguay we are already anticipating a hot summer, so it already feels like outside the house. In North America, the weather predicts one of the most intense winters in this Latin American country.

The report says that a cold front will affect 25 states of the country and will generate up to -10 degrees Celsius in some mountainous areas. With these reports we realize that climate change is a truth. And that you cannot live comfortably with very low or high temperatures. According to the forecast of the National Meteorological Service (SMN) of the National Water Commission (Conagua), frost is expected in 75% of the Mexican territory with minimum temperatures of up to -10 degrees Celsius in mountainous areas.

Life will have many risks with this reality in the north and the world that awaits its winter and summer. Which means that we must do something as inhabitants of the planet to regulate the temperature of our house. It is in our hands not only to destroy, pollute and accelerate global warming, but also cleanliness, order and what makes life comfortable for everyone on the planet. The rains in Brazil as now in the spas where our compatriots go in summer and other climatic accidents teach us that he is not comfortable with the inhabitants of it either. It is now the time to do something about it if not yesterday and always have a positive attitude to and for our home.

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In Asunción, maximum temperatures exceeding 35 degrees are expected for the next few days before Christmas. They are expected to rise in the coming days and weeks. In the usual 6-month summer that is normal for us, we have made air conditioning a normal tool in closed spaces to air-condition events or inhabit a place for a predetermined time that clearly will not be necessary in the country of mezcal and spicy food. that from today what he plans is to use heating and heavy clothing. It is, in turn, an invitation for lovers of the cold to this country, which also has a gastronomy ready to face the low temperatures that from the inside of the body ensures that it does not suffer from the cold that in some latitudes begins to be felt from today.

A feeling that it is possible to reduce by putting into practice the following tips on the planet;

  • Save energy at home.
  • Get around on foot, by bicycle or by public transport.
  • Throw less food.
  • Consume less, reuse, repair and recycle.
  • Switch to an electric vehicle.
  • Eat more vegetables and fewer processed products.
  • Change the type of energy in your home
  • Express your opinion about climate change in virtual or real networks based on scientific conclusions and evaluations.

If all of us on Earth make this a normal exercise in our day to day, we will see how the seasons would regulate their temperatures and we would avoid the risk of experiencing natural accidents on a planet that has been showing discomfort with its inhabitants for a long time and teaches us that it is urgent. a transition of our behavior towards the environment that should not be bad so that we are not so bad in our common home.

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