What trends will influence Real Estate during 2023?

What trends will influence Real Estate during 2023?

2023 looks challenging for the industry real estate, due to factors that in this 2022 were accentuated and that came to put pressure on the real estate sector; however, in this scenario, ecosystem participants require greater efficiency in their processes, optimize construction timesgenerate savings and have greater precision to do business.

Thus, these lines of action mark the trends that will be present throughout 2023, which, according to the firm DD360, will focus on digital issues, but also on market areas where opportunities are beginning to be glimpsed.

According to DD360, an online platform for financing and managing residential projects, these are the five trends that will mark 2023 for real estate:

big data

As has been learned as a result of the pandemic, technology is already a preponderant tool for all human beings; however, the real estate sector is increasingly beginning to take this into account.

For example, it has been shown that data management has helped buyers and investors to know more, in less time and more accurately, about what, where and why to acquire or develop a property.

“The data provide an increasingly comprehensive and complete vision of the development that is to come. build upallowing them to make better decisions based on technology and the insights it generates,” said DD360.

In this context, the firm pointed out that access to updated databases in real time on property appraisals, market information, and data on rental prices, services in certain areas of the country, allows deciding how profitable, or not, It can be a property in a specific location, as well as knowing prices and the rate at which it could be marketed.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence begins to permeate different industries. According to DD360, which refers to Forrester studies, eight out of 10 companies in the world plan to use artificial intelligence within their organization.

“Algorithms will allow developers to forget about paperwork and go to a technological ally that provides them with a one-stop-shop to streamline all processes through algorithms: from the search for credit, the mapping of the area in which it is intended build upthe projection of the property and property income,” the firm detailed.

digital mapping

The tracking of areas to know where to buy or build up It is a constant work of the developers; however, this task can be simplified if they use technological tools where the regions are identified in detail, with data on property prices, rents, projected yields and the historical capital gain of the place.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality tools allow developers to learn about a project, even before it is complete, which speeds up the real estate marketingTherefore, it is projected as a trend that will mark 2023 in the Real Estate industry.

This will help developers to have a first digital approach to development in 2023. Thus the first look and feel about the departments is through a tour within a three-dimensional model, so that potential buyers know the dimensions, the amenities, the available departments, among other characteristics,” DD360 said.

housing rehabilitation

Given a greater dynamism in the used housing marketthe DD360 firm pointed out that more housing rehabilitation projects are expected for the following year, due to a growing trend in terms of material price inflation and the impact of interest rate increases.

“Make use of technology to build up and put to work a property Today it makes more sense than ever,” said Jorge Combe, co-founder of DD360.

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