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Who are the new ministers of Dina Boluarte’s second cabinet?

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Who are the new ministers of Dina Boluarte's second cabinet?

The president was sworn in this Wednesday, December 21, to his second chaired by Luis Alberto Otárola Peñaranda, replacing Pedro Angulo Arana. This, after announcing that he would make a recomposition after the violent demonstrations at the national level asking for early elections.

In this new conformation, the parity that he promised when he took office as president of the Republic is maintained. Nine of the 19 portfolios are under the command of women.


  • President of the Council of Ministers: Luis Alberto Otárola Peñaranda
  • Foreign Minister: Ana Cecilia Gervasi Diaz
  • Minister of Defense: Jorge Chavez Crest
  • Minister of Economy and Finance: Alex Alonso Contreras Miranda
  • Minister of the Interior: Victor Rojas
  • Minister of Justice and Human Rights: Jose Andres Tello Alfaro
  • Minister of education: Oscar Manuel Becerra
  • Minister of Health: Rosa Bertha Gutierrez Palomino
  • Minister of Agrarian Development and Irrigation: Nelly Walls of the Castle
  • Minister of Labor and Employment Promotion: Eduardo Alonso Garcia Birimisa
  • Production Minister: Sandra Belaunde Arnillas
  • Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism: Luis Fernando Elguero González
  • Minister of Energy and Mines: Oscar Vera Gargurevich
  • Minister of Transport and Communications: Paola Lazarte Castillo
  • Minister of Housing, Construction and Sanitation: Hania Perez de Cuellar
  • Minister for Women and Vulnerable Populations: Greece Elena Rojas Ortiz
  • Environment Minister: Alvina Ruiz Rios
  • Minister of Culture: leslie urteaga
  • Minister of Development and Social Inclusion: Julio Demartini Montes

A week after her cabinet was appointed, President Boluarte said that the ministers complied in responding to the political crisis at that time, but after the social upheavals and conflicts at the national level, she decided to rebuild it and “give more peace of mind to the country.”

“We need to act quickly as a result of the situation of violence by a small group, because the great mass of Peruvians want to live in peace, we have said we are going to reform the cabinet, it is true. In these days, on Tuesday we will do it, with a cabinet that also knows the technical but a little more political, ”Boluarte said last Sunday in dialogue with Cuarto Poder.

Regarding the acts of violence in various parts of the country, the dignitary stressed that the idea of ​​the dialogue will not be exhausted and mentioned that a state of emergency was declared, in various provinces, to safeguard the lives of Peruvians They do not agree with violence.


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