Extradited scammer was defended by Leopoldo López

Extradited scammer was defended by Leopoldo López

The fugitive from justice, Leopoldo López, would have defended Ernesto Quintero, a Venezuelan swindler who has just been extradited to Venezuela from Spain.

The information was released this Tuesday by the Attorney General of the Republic, Tareck William Saab, at the same time that he reported that Quintero was extradited from Spain on July 14.

The person involved is accused of participating in the crime of continued fraud, among others, against more than 300 victims in Zulia state. A case that dates back to October 2010 when the first complaint was received against the company ABA Mercado de Capitales. The sum of the illicit activities reaches 50 million dollars.

According to the Prosecutor, on February 11 of this year the fugitive from justice Leopoldo López would have defended Ernesto Quintero.

Prosecutor Saab said that López implied that Quintero was politically persecuted. “When this subject is not known to have any political activity«, stressed.

He stressed that even in the Spanish media he was defined as an opposition leader, “when this citizen is not known for any political militancy,” Saab insisted.

Interim Strategies

The Prosecutor assured that what López did is not a new strategy, it is part of the strategies of Juan Guaidó and his supposed “interim government”, through which they violated the laws and delayed some extraditions, including those of Quintero.

The Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, maintained that upon his arrival at the Public Ministry, numerous irregularities were found in the case. Among them, he reiterated that the documentation said that he was “politically persecuted.”

“When we arrived at this Public Ministry, we found that this investigation had been carried out with numerous irregularities and had been paralyzed since 2016. Nothing to surprise, almost like all the plots in the previous administration,” he said.

Among the irregularities, he mentioned actions to evade the application of justice in the case of several involved.

He explained that in 2018, after being recognized by the government of Iván Duque; “The fictitious government of the unmentionable” withdrew the extradition request against Suyín Navarrete, involved in the embezzlement of the payroll account of the Government of Aragua, for an amount of more than 4 million dollars, “he said.

Guaidó also withdrew the extradition request for Oscar Arapé García, who was secretary general of Feve Triatlon, «who had an arrest warrant for falsifying an assembly act and diversion of more than 700 thousand dollars in contributions from the State to the Federation”, he said.

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