Boca fell to Argentinos and can't find the course

Boca fell to Argentinos and can’t find the course

Carabajal celebrates the goal (Photo: Alfredo Luna).

Boca fell this Tuesday night without extenuating circumstances by 2-0 in their visit to the new leader of the Professional League championship, Argentinos, at the Diego Armando Maradona stadium, an emblem of both clubs, at the close of the first day of the ninth contest date.

Those led by Gabriel Milito anesthetized Boca in the first half with the conquests of Gabriel Carabajal and Gastón Verón, at 23 and 42 minutes, respectively.

Carabajal’s goal was a real goal after a right foot from outside the large area that embedded itself against the upper right corner of the goal defended by Agustín Rossi, while the second was the work of a pumped header by Gastón Verón, who is successfully replacing the injured Gabriel Ávalos.

The key to that difference in the scoreboard originated in the game, where a solid Argentinian team faced a Boca that is a cluster of individuals that Sebastián Battaglia failed to unite and obviously his replacement Hugo Ibarra still did not have time to to work.

Photo Alfredo Luna
(Photo: Alfredo Luna).

In that framework then, what the La Paternal team needed to transform their superiority in the development of the match into a victory was to have forcefulness, and they found it in those first 45 minutes, to “iron” the appearance of the match in the complement.

Is that the modern and well-crafted 3-5-2 of Milito’s men was much more effective than the ancient 4-2-4 proposed by Ibarra, with Darío Benedetto among the substitutes, as well as Alan Varela.

But what Boca had left over in attack was lacking in the middle, where the lavish goodwill of Jorman Campuzano, Varela’s replacement, and Guillermo “Pol” Fernández was insufficient to contain the good circulation of the local midfielders.

Photo Alfredo Luna
(Photo: Alfredo Luna).

Despite the fact that Nicolás Reniero reiterated his marked scoring inefficiency beyond everything required in attack, his coupling with Verón is a winning card for the new leader of the championship due to goal difference over Atlético Tucumán.

The presence of Luis Vázquez in the center of the attack from the beginning seemed a lot like a farewell for the striker who could have played his last match in the “xeneize” since his future would be immediately in Bruges, from Belgium.

While his replacement, Benedetto, for whom the Brazilian Internacional, from Porto Alegre, is preparing an offer to take him away, seemed to stay on the bench more for his recent poor performance than for some “punishment” similar to that suffered by Carlos Izquierdoz.

None of these movements or variants gave results to Ibarra, who shook his head when 10 minutes from the end it seemed that his coaches could continue playing until dawn that they were not even going to have a chance to discount.

Already at that time Nicolás Orsini (something was disallowed at the start of the match), one of the two center forwards who were there from the start, had been sitting on the bench for a while with Frank Fabra, who was very annoyed at having been relieved shortly before by Agustín Sández, in an ultimately failed attempt to try to get hold of the ball with the entry of an inconsequential Óscar Romero.

Photo Alfredo Luna
(Photo: Alfredo Luna).

Neither did the last arrivals of Juan Ramírez and the aforementioned Benedetto, because the game had already been sentenced in the first partto such an extent that the local fans spent the entire complement celebrating a victory that had many minutes left to consummate.

Is that Boca never ceased to be a shadow during his time at La Paternalwhile the “Bicho” also consolidated its position among those classified for the next Copa Libertadores as an escort to one point of Racing Club in the Annual Table.

On the next day, just the coming weekend, Argentinos will visit the always complicated Banfield, while Boca will host a Estudiantes team that is in the doldrums in the local competition because it bets all its chips on a Copa Libertadores in which the “xeneize” also just fired prematurely.

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