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Expiration of judicial deadlines suspended due to bomb threat in the Palace of Justice

The Municipality of Asunción carried out in the last hours the withdrawal of the extemporaneous electoral propaganda in the public thoroughfare of the capital city.

The procedure was carried out by the Supervisory Police in compliance AI 14/22 of the Superior Court of Electoral Justice (TSJE).

They were installed irregularly, in violation of Ordinance 157/18.

It should be remembered that This municipal legislation regulates the use of public domain spaces and those of the private domain, perceivable from the public domain of the city of Asunción, for carrying out electoral propaganda.

Advertising on public roads can be carried out from November 16 to December 15. It is understood as the exhibition of the photograph or the name of the candidate, even if the list or order number is not included, in paintings on the walls, posters, parades, posters, gigantographs, LED screens, among others.

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On the other hand, the publication of images, audios or videos that are related to candidates for elective positions, in order to convince the voter to vote for that preference through the media, will be valid from December 6 to December 15.

In this sense, the Electoral Justice emphasized that Failure to comply with the rules for advertising on public roads is a punishable act that is punishable by a fine equivalent to the damage caused, according to Art. 328 of Law 834/1996. If incurring in a fault ruled by the courts of fault of the communes, a penalty of fine provided for in the ordinances of each municipality will be established.

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