Exit plebiscite: Servel clarifies that new table members will not be appointed and informs that “those from last year must exercise”

There are exactly 30 days left for the exit plebiscite on September 4, where it will be defined whether or not a new Constitution will come into effect for the country. In this sense, the president of the Electoral Service (Servel), Andrés Tagle, reported that the members of the process will be the same as those who exercised last year.

Third informs that the plebiscite will be mandatory, and according to the new modifications, the polling place will be the closest to the voter’s place of residence. Given this, Tagle stated that the appointment of the members of the table has a duration of four years, and that this election, being “extraordinary”, will keep the members who exercised last year.

“The members are designated: two for municipal elections and three for parliamentary elections, and the appointment of members lasts four years. This is an extraordinary election that has no appointment of new members, except replacements and therefore those of the year past that have a current appointment are the ones who have to exercise,” he told Radio Dune.

Along the same lines, he announced that, due to the new characteristics that will govern voting, the number of tables will be reduced and, therefore, there will be fewer members compared to previous elections.

“The new law established that the polling stations now have 450 voters instead of 350, and that reduced the number of polling stations. We are going to drop to 38,000 polling stations and, therefore, we have an excess of designated members,” he said.

On the other hand, he stressed that most of the tables “already have their five appointed members with a current appointment.”

“We deliver this information to the board and according to the law they do not enter the lottery, they have to be automatically designated and do the lottery, regarding those tables that may have some missing,” he said.

Regarding the characteristics of the new system, Tagle emphasized that all voters will be redistributed to new polling stations, which will be designated in alphabetical order.

“They are all listed again, they are listed by electoral sector. And within each local the voters are assigned alphabetically in such a way that the polling stations in the future, more than the number, what is going to matter is the polling station,” he said.

It should be remembered that next Saturday, August 13, the Servel will publish on its website the data on the table that will correspond to each voter and the information of the members and polling schools.

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