União Brasil announces Soraya Thronicke as pre-candidate for President

União Brasil makes Soraya Thronike official as presidential candidate

On the last day defined by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) for holding party conventions and registering candidacies, União Brasil confirmed Senator Soraya Thronicke (MS) as the party’s candidate for the presidency of the Republic. Economist and former federal deputy Marcos Cintra was chosen as deputy in the pure-blood slate of the acronym. União Brasil makes Soraya Thronike official as presidential candidate

The candidacy of the senator from Mato Grosso do Sul takes place after the give up of the party’s national president, federal deputy Luciano Bivar, to run for a seat at the Planalto Palace in this year’s elections. The politician intends to remain in the Federal Chamber.

Like Bivar, Soraya advocates economic liberalism and a single federal tax in the country. “The poorest are the ones who pay the most taxes and the worker’s salary never goes fully into his pocket because he is devoured by many taxes. The time has come for us to correct these inequalities, but for that to happen, there needs to be, in the Presidency of the Republic, someone independent, free and unfettered to govern,” he told supporters at the convention.

The senator also defended strengthening the fight against corruption and criticized the polarization between candidates Jair Bolsonaro and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the presidential race. In a speech during the party’s convention, held in São Paulo, she also asked for a vote of confidence from Brazilians and stressed that the game is not defined.


Soraya Thronicke, 49, is a lawyer, born in Dourados (MS). Debuting as a candidate, she was elected senator for her state in 2018 by the then Social Liberal Party (PSL) – today União Brasil. She was the deputy leader of the government in the National Congress and is currently the political coordinator of the Parliamentary Agricultural Front (FPA) in the Federal Senate, in addition to being a member of eight committees of the House. She also chairs the União Brasil Mulher Nacional and the União Brasil directory in Mato Grosso do Sul.

Marcos Cintra, 76, is an economist, graduated in economic planning from the University of Campinas. He was elected federal deputy in 1998, a position he held until 2003. In the Chamber of Deputies, he was a member of the Finance and Taxation and Tax Reform Committees and chairman of the Economy, Industry and Commerce Committee. In 2019, he held the position of Special Secretary of the Federal Revenue.

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