Carlos Alberto Montaner, Exilio

Exile pays tribute to Carlos Alberto Montaner at the Museum of the Cuban Diaspora

MIAMI, United States. — Cuban exiles and personalities from other Latin American countries paid tribute this Tuesday to the writer and journalist Carlos Albert Montanerone of the most recognized liberal intellectuals on the continent.

In a ceremony held at the American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora, Montaner’s family, friends and colleagues dedicated emotional words to whom, for many, is the longest-running Cuban intellectual in recent decades.

Cuban exile figures such as the lawyer Marcell Felipe; journalists Tomás Regalado (former mayor of Miami), Iliana Lavastida (director of Diario las Américas) and Sam Verdeja (personal friend of Montaner) and Rafael Peñalver (professor at the San Carlos Institute in Cayo Hueso) recognized not only the trajectory of the intellectual, but also his human quality.

“Carlos Alberto has embodied the highest ideals of the Cuban homeland throughout his life,” Peñalver said during his speech.

Friends and communication professionals from other Latin American countries who for decades had a close relationship with Carlos Alberto Montaner also participated, including Argentine researcher Gerardo Bongiovanni (president of Fundación Libertad) and Venezuelan writer and journalist Alexis Ortiz.

Gina Montaner, daughter of the Cuban intellectual, also took part in the ceremony, who highlighted the role of her father and her mother, Linda Montaner, in both her training and that of her brother, Carlos.

“From a very young age my father showed a visceral rejection of authoritarianism. He embodies the definition of the true liberal,” Gina noted.

Finally, Montaner himself, who will leave for Spain in the next few days, thanked those present for the tribute received.

During the tribute, Montaner received two important recognitions: the “Cuban National Excellence Medal”, awarded by the San Carlos Institute of Cayo Hueso, and the Francisco de Miranda award for the defense of freedom and democracy, awarded by the Interamerican Institute for Democracy.

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