The chilling world of tusi, a drug with which gangs take advantage of lost youth

The chilling world of tusi, a drug with which gangs take advantage of lost youth

The fight against drugs is one of the world problems that most worries leaders and authorities. Controlling distribution and consumption becomes almost impossible with the high demand and growing market for synthetics.

Justly, RCN news revealed how the illegal business of the Tusi B. a drug that, although it seems harmless, consumes thousands of young people every day.

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In high doses, this substance can generate delusional experiences, with a high degree of excitement, which can become complicated. That feeling of well-being that tusi can produce is what leads to the psychological attachment of doing it again.

What is Tusi?

The original substance is a chemical that mixes the psychedelia of LSD and the euphoria caused by ecstasy. When it arrived in Colombia a few years ago, the original mixture was changed to ketamine, and mixed with elements such as benzodiazepines and opiates.

Among the adulterants can be all anxiolytic drugs, medicines to treat heart problems and vasodilators such as viagra, among others.

They added colorants and sweeteners to the result and put it to run at parties. The base is ketamine, a drug that is controlled in Colombia, but that reaches the country by contraband. This medicine is used as an anesthetic for large animals such as horses and in humans it has hallucinogenic properties.

Tusi is highly addictive and slowly takes young people away, a mother, who did not want to reveal her identity, told in RCN news the drama that he lived with his son.

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“These addictions become a disease, my son got so hooked that consumption has turned him into a different person who has no intention of leaving that world”assured the woman.

Those who enter addiction tend to disappear as a being and that is something similar to what happens to someone who has entered an insane process, they even lose their ability to discern.

In addition to this terrible drama, the criminal gangs involve addicts in the buying and selling process, as the mother of the young man they called Sebastian tells.

“With what they sell, they pay for what they consume. For example, they are given ten ballots, two to consume and eight to sell, so they had to answer for 800,000 pesos, but that doesn’t really happen, they consume eight and actually sell two”; she said.

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