Poder Ejecutivo está compelido a extender legislatura

Executive branch is compelled to extend legislature

Santo Domingo.- With the recent second reading approval of the bill that will regulate public trusts, the Executive Power is compelled to extend the current ordinary legislature that concludes on November 12.

The piece that was proposed by the Executive Power, achieved its approval this Thursday after having been approved in first reading last Monday and considered as ordinary law.

As an alternative, the Senate should convene an extraordinary session in the evening, which is unusual but possible.

Otherwise, urgency must be used, which in turn would be combined with the Electoral Reform Bill that stands out in the same terms due to the proximity of the election process called for the year 2024.

The president of the Chamber of Deputies predicted the extension, although he reserved to give the information, considering that it corresponded to President Luis Abinader.
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The president of the commission that studied the public trust law proposal, Frank Paulino, pointed out that among the advantages of trusts that the debts contracted will not belong to the State and that the assets will continue to belong to the public treasury.

His counterpart, Bertico Santana, said that the aim is to provide the State with a regulatory framework that strengthens public investment.

The law intends to execute infrastructure works or projects, as well as services of collective interest under the tutelage of trustees with operational capacity in the sectors involved.

He repeatedly received the refusal of the opposition blocks.

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