Inician ejecución de programas sociales en Los Alcarrizos

Execution of social programs begins in Los Alcarrizos

The President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, the coordinator of the Social Policy Cabinet, Tony Peña, and the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Housing and Buildings, Ney García, they left initiates this Saturday the works of readjustment and reconstruction of the homes of families in conditions of extreme social vulnerability in the municipality of Los Alcarrizos de Santo Domingo Oeste.

The execution of this initiative, which aims to impact thousands of families throughout the national territory, was carried out, thanks to the signing of an inter-institutional agreement between the Social Policy Cabinet and the Ministry of Housing and Buildings (MIVED), in the that both entities are committed to having a positive impact on families in extreme poverty with the reconstruction or refurbishment of their homes.

Tony Peña revealed that in the initial stage of the execution of this agreement, around 350 families in the municipality of Los Alcarrizos will be affected by the intervention of their homes. In addition, he added that this type of agreement, such as the one signed with MIVED, is one of the most rewarding that the institution has reached, because it allows the quality of life of Dominicans to be raised.

“From the Social Policy Cabinet we have implemented several social programs that have positively impacted thousands of citizens, from adolescents, with the “Opportunity 14-24” program, to older adults, single mothers and heads of households with initiatives such as the reconstruction of the homes of families in conditions of social vulnerability and the donation of high-cost medicines in the 31 provinces and the National District, all of its municipalities and almost all the municipal districts, extending the friendly hand of the Government to hospitals, primary care, nursing homes and prisons, thanks to donations channeled through institutions, such as the “El Buen Samaritano” Foundation Hospital. That is our duty and satisfaction as representatives of the Government of Change of President Luis Abinader”, he said.

On his side, the president, Luis Abinader, announced that in addition to the large works being carried out in the Los Alcarrizos municipality, the Government plans to continue carrying out small social works in the most popular sectors of the municipality.

“We are scratching the chelitos, the cents and the pesos to bring solutions to those who need them most in the Dominican Republic. We are doing great works in Los Alcarrizos,” she added.

In addition, the authorities left in operation the Vocational School of the Armed Forces of the Dominican Republic and the National Police that will operate in Los Alcarrizos.

The president and the coordinator of the Social Cabinet began the work of rebuilding homes in extreme poverty and the start-up of another training center for the “Opportunity 14-24” program.

Start-up of “Opportunity 14-24” in Los Alcarrizos

Likewise, the President of the Republic, Louis Abinader and the authorities of the Social Policy Cabinet, inaugurated another technical-professional training center of the “Opportunity 14-24” program in which approximately 140 young people, also in conditions of social vulnerability in that locality, will receive training in different areas and trades to that they can start their own businesses or insert themselves in the country’s labor market with the comprehensive assistance of at least 24 institutions headed by the State agency led by Tony Peña.

The executive director of the “Opportunity 14-24” program, Federman Cruz, revealed that with this center there are around 30 that operate in various provinces of the country and that the goal for the next two years is to leave at least 250 centers in operation. training programs that benefit thousands of young people in conditions of social vulnerability.

“Today, these 140 young people from Los Alcarrizos join the more than 1,000 throughout the country who have decided to make a change in their lives and take advantage of the tools provided by the Government of President Luis Abinader and the Social Policy Cabinet, to improve their quality of life and for this reason, the entire human team involved in this program, we feel satisfied with what we have achieved together with them and we assure them that we are going for more”, added Cruz.

In addition to the President of the Republic, Louis Abinaderand the coordinator of the Social Policy Cabinet, Tony Peña, the activity was attended by the governor of the Santo Domingo province, Julia Drullard, the deputy minister of MIVED, Ney García, the director of the Vocational Schools, Major General, Juan José Otaño Jiménez , the mayor of Los Alcarrizos, Cristian Encarnación, the general director of the Community Technology Centers (CTC), Isidro Torres, and the director of the “Opportunity 14-24” program, Federman Cruz, among others.

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