Etermax is consolidated in Uruguay as one of the best companies to work for

Surely you know or have interacted with the famous Trivia Crack and Aworded games. For 12 years and with a team of more than 500 talents in Uruguay, Argentina, Germany, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, etermax develops software, applications and solutions for multiple platforms in the global video game industry.

In line with its latest growth and local development announcements and after receiving the Great Place to Work certification in Uruguay, Argentina and Germany,It has just been recognized as one of the Best Companies to Work for in Uruguay in the category of up to 150 employees. But why is etermax a great place to work?

Based on the results of the Great Place to Work survey in Uruguay, 96% of etermax’s talents consider the company to be a great place to workas opposed to the market average where 63% of employees value this attribute of their workplace.

The camaraderie is reflected in the company’s culture because 95% of the people enjoy working at etermax, collaborating and connecting with their peers. This team spirit is manifested in integration and connection initiatives, such as birthday parties, Halloween costume contests, themed after parties and the list goes on.

Rodrigo Larrimbe, Country Director of etermax in Uruguay, stated that “this recognition from our collaborators is a great joy because it shows the commitment to our talents and our desire to provide them with a place for their growth. At the same time, it invites us to continue down this path, promoting a culture in which we can all find challenges, fill us with pride and allow us to continue developing professionals of international level and impact”.

96% of etermax talents consider the company to be a great place to work,

For etermax, every principle is an unknown that is cleared up with analysis and challenged with data, demonstrating that credibility is a fundamental pillar to build a bold, disruptive and solid company. So much so that 86% of talents trust the management of their leaders who encourage them to break the mold and aim for the top.

Everyone’s time is valuable, which is why etermax promotes a balance between personal and professional life and 89% recognize that respect is a fact in the company. In addition, all teams are encouraged to experiment and learn by doing, which is why 86% of the members affirm that they feel pride in the team they are part of.

Another of the most outstanding characteristics of the study is linked to new income. Today, where the daily routine of sharing a workplace is no longer common, maintaining the organizational culture is a great challenge. However, etermax managed to adapt very well because 95% of the people who make up the company consider that the new people chosen by the leaders to expand the work teams represent and adapt to the organizational culture. And that this happens naturally is essential to keep alive the spirit of community and camaraderie that is breathed in etermax. Also, all the new talents have felt welcome to join the organization.

Experimentation at the center for global challenges

From the company they affirm that in etermax they share a very clear purpose: to find technological solutions to the human needs of today and the future. From their manifesto, they highlight the concept of experimentation as the protagonist of their proposal, testing and transforming learning into bridges to continue growing. In an environment of flexibility and autonomy, this way of seeing the world encourages permanent questioning, proposing different and original ways of doing things or solving problems in pursuit of continuous improvement. Likewise, the ability to unravel the unknowns with analysis and challenging them with data is promoted.

Inés Gaitán, etermax Talent Manager in Uruguay, states that “Uruguay’s talent is key to the company’s development due to its high professional level and technical quality. For this reason, at etermax we promote a decentralized and horizontal culture so that each person can be a leader in their career. Through the combination of technology and creativity we seek to generate active communities around the world, which allows great scalability in different areas”.

Regarding the IT segment, which continues to grow at a rapid pace and more and more people decide to join this industry, Gaitán assures that professionals seek autonomy and challenging projects. In this sense, at the beginning of the year, the company announced new strategic lines that accompany technological trends such as blockchain, immersive experiences, gamification for brands and companies, and advertising technology (AdTech), among others.

With this look towards the forefront, etermax’s recognition in the development of video games for mobile phones, social networks, voice devices, content platforms and other supports has been proven in recent times. From augmented reality technology with filters for Instagram like the Marvel Trivia Crack Challenge or the Trivia Crack Augmented Reality board game, free extensions for streaming hosts like Trivia Crack for Twitch, proposals for Trivia Crack by voice in Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, are just some of the most recent developments that the etermax team has worked on.

Job opportunities at etermax

At the end of 2021, etermax opened new offices in Montevideo. There are numerous positions that can be accessed, ranging from Full Stack and Backend Engineers, Java/Kotlin Specialists, Data Analysts and Scientists, Machine Learning Experts, Product Owner, Content Producers, Animators, Digital Illustrators, marketing, among others.

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