Erasmo Cerrud referred to the list of petitions presented to Mitradel for the Capac-Suntracs Collective Convention

The Single National Union of Construction and Similar Industry Workers (Suntracs), presented this Thursday before the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development (Mitradel), the list of requests for the CAPAC-SUNTRACS Collective Convention for the period 2022- 2025.

The Secretary of Defense and Labor of Suntracs and chief negotiator of this agreement, Erasmo Cerrud, explained that the presentation of said document is with the intention of being able to continue negotiating with the Panamanian Chamber of Construction (Capac) everything that has to do with worker-employer life in the construction industry.

“We have been negotiating since September 10 directly with CAPAC and we have achieved 149 negotiated clauses, closed. We only need 5 clauses ”, he explained.

He added that Panama is one of the countries in which there is great social inequality and wages play a fundamental role on the basis of being able to distribute wealth, “wealth that all workers build nationwide.”

He stressed that the proposal they have made is for a 30% increase over the 4 years, starting as a ceiling, however, “there has been little proposal from the business sector in terms of increase.”

Suntracs trusts in reaching an agreement by direct means, if not, “nobody wants to reach a strike within the sector, but in effect, the strike is a legal mechanism that the workers have to continue fighting.”

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