Episcopal Dimension assured that 70% of migrants in Mexico are Venezuelans

The Episcopal Dimension of the Pastoral Ministry of Human Mobility, in Mexico, said that Venezuelans are the population of the American region that is moving the most to the north of the continent, crossing Mexico to reach the United States

The legal coordinator of the Episcopal Dimension of the Human Mobility Pastoral in Mexico, Mauro Pérez Bravo, assured that 70% of the migratory flow in his country comes from Venezuela.

Bravo said that Venezuelans are the population of the American region that is moving the most to the north of the continent, crossing Mexico to reach the United States, the final destination country desired by migrants not only from Venezuela, but also from Cuba, Nicaragua and Haiti.

Data provided by the Mexican authorities and those compiled by the Human Mobility Pastoral, indicate that 90% of the migrants they help arrive from Venezuelan lands.

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“The main migratory flow is from Venezuela. 90% of the people we serve are from Venezuela, ”he said in an interview with Radio Fe and Alegría Noticias.

He also pointed out that the data mentioned could be higher, but there is no way to verify it, because there is a large population of migrants who take routes where there is no presence of authorities and therefore, there is no record.

Although the United States is the destination country for migrants, Mexico has been the last station, a brigade home for them in the face of the North American country’s immigration restrictions such as Title 8 and the state measures that each Republican ruler has taken to prevent the passage of migrants. migrants.

Who are the Venezuelan migrants in Mexico?

The flight of personnel has been a highly discussed topic in Venezuela. From the outside, those who listen to the stories of migrants cannot help but lament because a large part of the citizens who leave their native country are professionals or left their career behind to seek a better quality of life.

For Bravo, this panorama of professionals leaving their homes and jobs is very sad, but even more disconcerting is seeing entire families that migrate because they have nothing in Venezuela and want a dignified life for their children.

“We have people who come with university studies: doctors, engineers, lawyers. But also complete families that have no other option, ”she pointed out.

On the subject of children and adolescents, he stated that the data available is alarming because the number of infants fleeing Venezuela is increasing, who are also “in a situation of vulnerability”, exposed to terrible conditions during the trip to reach to the US border.

It is worth mentioning that in the first quarter of the year the Mexican authorities detained almost 20,000 migrants from Venezuela in the country, wanting to cross the border into the United States, four times more than in the same period of 2022.

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