The manager of a supermarket in Parque Rodó was murdered

On the afternoon of this Monday, the manager of a supermarket located in Maggiolo and Figueira, in Parque Rodó, was murdered. The man was 56 years old and the criminals who killed him had entered to steal.

In addition, there is a security guard, 48 years old, injured.

The homicide was reported in the first instance by Telemundo and confirmed with The Observer with sources from the Ministry of the Interior. The injured security guard was taken to a hospital.

The manager of a supermarket in Parque Rodó was murdered

Martin Prato

According to police information, two criminals entered the premises with weapons and reduced the clients. witnesses told The Observer that one of them stayed at the door, watching, while the other entered the premises.

At that time, around 5:00 p.m., there were three workers inside the place, according to what they said.

Once inside, one of the criminals took the 48-year-old security guard and the 56-year-old manager of the premises to a warehouse. The guard was struck on the head with the butt of the gun.

When I was going out, with the money from the collection –about $4 thousand– no words shot the manager in the head from the premises

The criminals escaped on a Zanella brand motorcycle with the money and are being sought by the Police.

Homicide prosecutor Adriana Edelman investigates the case. She was at the scene of the crime and when she left she declared at a press conference that in principle it was a “raid” that ended with the death of a person who was inside the premises.

He was the manager, the branch manager, that’s the only thing we know for now“, he claimed.

And he added that he is investigating under what circumstances the manager was shot in the head. “We don’t know yet“He answered when asked if he had resisted the robbery.

Some neighbors expressed The Observer his annoyance because the minister was having dinner at the barbecue of a building two blocks away but he did not go near the scene of the crime.

The company statement

The supermarket company Tata regretted the murder of the worker through a press releasewhere they also expressed solidarity with the victim’s family.

“We deeply regret the tragic event that took place today at our Parque Rodó branch, where its manager, a valued collaborator with more than 22 years of service in our companywas the victim of a senseless act of violence,” reports the supermarket chain.

From the company they committed to collaborate with the investigation that the homicide prosecutor’s office and the police are developing, as well as providing emotional support to the rest of the workers who witnessed the homicide.

“Our team of human resources and health professionals are working to offer the emotional support needed during this difficult time. We are committed to fully cooperating with authorities in the ongoing investigation,” the statement said.

“Our thoughts are with the family, friends and colleagues of our dear Marcelo,” the statement closes.

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