Ephemeris of May 28

Ephemeris of May 28

1763 – MANUEL ALBERTI IS BORN. The priest Manuel Maximiliano Alberti, defender of the rights of the Creoles and member of the First Junta of Autonomous Government of Spain that emerged from the Revolution of May 25, 1810, was born in Buenos Aires.

1890 – OUIJA BOARD. The Ouija board, invented by the American Elijah Bond, is patented in the United States. After being used in seances, it also became a board game. The patent was in the name of spiritualists Theresa Maupin and Charles W. Kennard, who founded the company that manufactured the table.

1908 – IAN FLEMING IS BORN. Ian Lancaster Fleming, creator of the James Bond spy series of spy novels, is born in London. The series was first made into a movie in 1962, when “Dr. Nope”. The first novel of the popular “007 agent” was “Casino Royale” (1952).

1919 – BENJAMIN MATIENZO. The military aviator Benjamín Matienzo, a pioneer of Argentine aeronautics, died at the age of 28 in the Andes mountain range in Mendoza, when he was trying to make the first flight to Chile. His remains were found six months later at an altitude of 4,000 meters, where he had been forced to land and froze to death.

1938 – LEONARDO FAVIO IS BORN. The singer-songwriter, actor and film director Leonardo Favio (Fuad Jorge Jury), one of the great artists of national cinema, was born in the Mendoza town of Las Catitas. He filmed 30 movies, including the famous “Nazareno Cruz y el lobo” (1975) and recorded 19 albums.

[1945– JOHN FOGERTY IS BORN. The American singer, songwriter and guitarist John Cameron Fogerty, leader of Creedence Clearwater Revival, a band with which he recorded seven albums that are part of the rock classics of the 1960s and early 1960s, was born in the city of Berkeley (California, USA). from the 1970’s.

1950 – ROSARIO VERA PEÑALOZA. At the age of 77, the Riojan educator Rosario Vera Peñaloza dies in La Rioja, who in 1900 founded the first kindergarten in Argentina. A street in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Puerto Madero bears her name.

1968 – KYLIE MINOGUE IS BORN. The actress, singer and dancer Kyle Minogue was born in the Australian city of Melbourne. She has recorded fourteen albums of pop music and dance pop, of which she sold 80 million copies.

2022 – WOMEN’S HEALTH. The International Day of Action for Women’s Health is celebrated, instituted in 1998 by the World Network of Women for Reproductive Rights.

2022 – KINDERGARTENS. The National Day of the Garden Teacher and of the Kindergartens is celebrated in memory of the Riojan educator Rosario Vera Peñaloza, founder of the first school for young children.

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