Deactivated 30 Tancol explosive devices in the Arauca River

Deactivated 30 Tancol explosive devices in the Arauca River

Officials of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) deactivated this Friday a total of 30 explosive devices that were planted by the Tancol in the surroundings of the Arauca River, Apure state, informed the strategic commander of the military body, Domingo Hernández Lárez.

Through his Twitter account, Hernández Lárez pointed out that these artifacts were placed “to limit the transit of Venezuelans through terror with the mutations of limbs by detonations.”

Similarly, during the operations against the Tancol, which they carry out on the Colombian-Venezuelan border, an Iveco 4×4 truck from the missile system was recovered from scrap metal.

In another operation carried out in the state of Zulia, material produced by the Tancols was also detected.

These operations are deployed in the border territory for the expulsion of Colombian terrorists from the nation and thereby neutralize their actions in the country.

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