Ephemeris of June 10

Ephemeris of June 10

1880 – RED CROSS. Doctor Guillermo Rawson founded the Argentine Red Cross in accordance with the humanitarian principles of impartiality and neutrality of the International Red Cross. In commemoration of this date of 1880, on June 10 the Argentine Red Cross Day is celebrated.

1907 – AUGUSTE LUMIERE. French photographer Auguste Lumiere presents color photography to an audience of 600 people in Paris. The first were published in the Parisian magazine L’Illustration.

1920 – DIANA MAGGI. The actress Diana Maggi (Graziosa Maggi), winner of a Martín Fierro Award in 1974, was born in the Italian city of Milan. She filmed 33 films in Argentina, where her family settled when she was three years old.

1931 – JOAO GILBERTO. The Brazilian musician and composer Joao Gilberto was born in the city of Juazeiro (Bahia, Brazil), one of the creators of the bossa nova genre in the late 1950s along with Tom Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes and other young artists.

1942 – GRACIELA BORGES. The actress Graciela Borges (Graciela Noemí Zabala), one of the great figures of Argentine cinema and television, was born in the Buenos Aires city of Dolores. She received more than a dozen awards and shot about 60 films.

1973 – ARGENTINE FALKLANDS. The Day of the Affirmation of Argentine Rights over the Malvinas, islands and Antarctic sector is established, instituted by law 20,561 in commemoration of the date of 1829 in which Luis Vernet was appointed governor of the Malvinas, later usurped by British troops.

1978 – KIMBERLEY WORLDWIDE. In an unprecedented event in the history of football, the French national team wore the Club Atlético Kimberley shirt in a match in which they beat Hungary 3-1 in Mar del Plata, during the ’78 World Cup in Argentina. The French used the shirts loaned by the Mar del Plata club because their own and their alternative were similar to that of the Hungarians.

1980 – BOBMARLEY. Guitarist and composer Bob Marley publishes “Uprising”, the latest album recorded by the Jamaican musician, leader of the band The Wailers and the greatest exponent of reggae. Marley’s last album, who died in 1981, contains ten songs.

2011 SAC-D AQUARIUS. The Argentine Satellite SAC-D, also known as Aquarius, is launched into an Earth orbit at a height of 670 kilometers, the reason why June 10 is celebrated as the National Day for Space Scientific and Technological Development.

2022 – ROAD SAFETY. World Road Safety Day is celebrated to promote education on traffic regulations as a strategy to reduce accidents on streets, routes and highways.

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