Construction industry has best February in ten years

Construction cost rises 2.17% in May, says IBGE

The National Civil Construction Index (Sinapi), calculated by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), registered a price increase of 2.17% in May this year. The rate was above the 1.21% in April, according to data released today (9).Construction cost rises 2.17% in May, says IBGE

According to the IBGE, this is the highest rate since July 2021. As a result, Sinapi accumulates, in 12 months, a cost increase of 15.44% in May, above the 15% recorded in April. The national cost of construction became R$ 1,601.76 per square meter.

Labor increased 2.49% in May and now costs R$ 638.78 per square meter. The materials were 1.96% more expensive in the month and started to cost R$ 962.98.

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