Everything you need to consider if you are going to buy glasses

Everything you need to consider if you are going to buy glasses

Who does not like to see life clearly? Beyond seeing the landscapes clearly and detailing all the colors, the formulated glasses fulfill several purposes, one of them is to correct the refractive defects of the eyewhich are those ocular alterations such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia that prevent the image from focusing correctly on the retina.

On the other hand, beyond seeing well, “The formulated glasses are of the utmost importance to avoid various discomforts that can occur on a daily basis, such as visual fatigue; Headaches; dizziness; redness in the eyes and constant tearing. These factors in issues related to work or study can be a cause of poor performance and a consequence of the person needing corrective lenses”, says Joheira Acuña, General Manager of Optiko’s Colombia.

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In the case of children with poor vision, glasses are the best ally for their visual system to develop correctly, in addition to preventing and correcting deviations in the eyes, which is commonly known as crossed eyes or strabismus. There are even patients who, although they have excellent vision, prefer to use glasses without magnification that prevent and protect against light from digital and artificial screens, to maintain their good visual health.

However, when a person is prescribed glasses for the first time, there are many doubts that arise when buying both the lenses and the frame. For this reason, we present everything you need to know when purchasing them so that you will not make a mistake.

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