Enter a new group of sub-prefects of PL

Enter a new group of sub-prefects of PL

Yesterday, published directorial resolution No. 212-2022-IN-VOI-DGIN, in which 23 new sub-prefects were appointed, who act as representatives of the President of the Republic in remote districts of the country and have the functions of authorizing or prohibiting marches, giving security measures, among other tasks.

Apparently, the government’s objective is to appoint mainly people from Peru Libre or those close to the professor to hold these positions. Only in the last designation, 10 of the 23 sub-prefects appear registered in the ruling party only between January 3 and 5 last.

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In addition to the signature of Pedro Castillo, the resolution of the appointments bears the signature of Yover Navarro Banda, general director of the Interior Government, who is also from Cajamarca. Navarro replaced Sergio Cruz Hila.

But not only perulibristas are the beneficiaries. There are also other types of characters that are now part of the network of sub-prefects that the Government has.

Peru21 revealed last week that it is not enough for Castillo to put PL militants in the sub-prefectures, but that he also gives space to members of Movadef. Seven of those designated, between January and April, are adherents in the Movadef forms delivered in 2011 to achieve their affiliation as a political party.


  • Many of the regional prefects are also linked to Conare and Fenatep.
  • The former Minister of the Interior Carlos Basombrío assured that the prefectures “are useless, I say it with all sincerity, it is an ancient institution, its existence makes no sense.”

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