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The mafia reigns in the north: “Everyone fears for their lives in Pedro Juan and Amambay”

In an interview with Universo 970-Nación Media, the liberal legislator lamented what happened to Mayor José Carlos Acevedo, who was the victim of an attack, and said that the situation is getting worse and worse.

“Pedro Juan Caballero is an area that we lost, organized crime is winning,” he said.

Likewise, he spoke about the proposal to declare a state of emergency in that area of ​​the country and said that both Pedro Juan merchants and the governor of Amambay, Ronald Acevedo, pointed out that this measure would not solve the underlying problem.

Aquino described the government’s response after the attack against José Carlos Acevedo as “very lukewarm.” “We are against some phantom enemies, transnational crime is not fought just for weeks, we have to fight it with everything and every day, but we have no hope of that happening.”

According to what he said, the fear that Pedro Juan Caballero has is such that no one dares to speak or denounce people linked to drug trafficking or organized crime, so impunity prevails.

“No judge, prosecutor or police in their right mind would dare to confront these people today, they all fear for their lives in Pedro Juan and Amambay. Drug trafficking has taken over our borders,” he pointed out.

The entrance The mafia reigns in the north: “Everyone fears for their lives in Pedro Juan and Amambay” was first published in diary TODAY.

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