Ocupan caobas de las taladas por el director de Junta Distrital Palmarejo

They occupy mahogany felled by the director of the Palmarejo District Board

The Public Ministry reported that occupied more than two hundred trunks of mahogany trees during two raids on two sawmills.

The court attorney general Francisco Contrerashead of the Specialized Attorney for the Defense of the Environment and Natural Resources (Proedemaren), explained that the action was carried out yesterday, Wednesday, in follow-up to the investigations carried out for the felling of trees of which José Ling Valdez Mora, director of the Palmarejo-Villa Linda District Boardfrom the Santo Domingo province.

“The investigations have taken us to two sawmills where it was taken in a city hall truck and from one of the sawmills wood from which it was dismantled in the green area of ​​the Mayor’s Office of the Palmarejo”, explained Contreras, when offering the details of the raids carried out in Villa Linda, Guáyiga, and in the Monte de Dios sector.

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He detailed that the raids were carried out by virtue of judicial orders that requested the competent investigating judge of Santo Domingo Oeste after of the surveys and the intelligence work carried out during the investigation.

“We came to the conclusion that this is part of the wood that was cut in the green area,” he said.

In that same order, Court Attorney General John Henry Reynoso, coordinator of the Proedemaren for Santo Domingo Oeste, said that the Public Ministry requested two search warrants as a result of the investigation they are carrying out in two sawmills owned by two men identified as “Junior” and “Frank”.

“When we arrived we found freshly cut tree trunks and at the sawmill we met a person named Jovanny, who is the one who takes care of it here, and in the other we found a person named Junior and two more young people who were accounting for what the wood than in that other one, which is the one in Villa Linda, what was found was that the wood had been sawn, of course, with two or three logs that still needed to be sawn,” he said.

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He pointed out that “when the team from the Public Ministry arrived in Palmarejo, where the trees were cut by the city council and that they were mounting them on the truck to supposedly be taken to the Ministry of the Environment warehouse, they were followed up on.”

He said that by following up they were able to reach the two sawmills and carry out the intelligence survey and as a result of that, in order to comply with due process of law, they asked the investigating judge for the search warrants in both sawmills where they took the logs.

They occupy mahogany felled by the director of the Palmarejo District Board

Coercion of La Vega Forest Predator

He explained that they were able to determine that it was in those places that they were being stored.

About the penalty for thats facts, he stressed that the legal consequences for normal people carry up to three years and for officials up to ten years in prison.

The lieutenant colonel of the Army of the Dominican Republic, Marcos Mateo, directs the troops that support the operation.

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