Enrique Wong: "There are talks to form a concertation bench"

Enrique Wong: “There are talks to form a concertation bench”

congressman from the Podemos Peru bench, assured that there are talks between different parliamentarians to form a “conciliation” bench to regain the confidence of citizens.

“There are conversations with different groups to see how this concertation group that I call can be formed, because we have to recover confidence, find a way to recover confidence and more investment is coming”assured in statements to RPP.

The parliamentarian did not rule out that these talks may include members of the Peru Libre caucus.

“There are many congressmen from Peru Libre who have and seek to agree because many laws have come out putting us in agreement, as in the case of this binding concurrent control law”he stated.

Wong, who holds the position of second vice-president of the Board of Directors who will remain in office until his replacement is elected in the coming days, also stressed the importance of the next presidency and vice-presidencies going to different parliamentary groups.

“The ideal would be a Board of Directors that unites. Times change, a year ago we did not think about the political situation we are going through now and would need a Board of Directors for consultation where a large part of the movements of the benches are represented to see how to work for the good of Peru “he stated.

Bicamerality awaits reconsideration

At another time, the congressman from Podemos Peru was optimistic about the possibility of voting again on the constitutional reform project to implement bicamerality in the Legislative Power with more than 87 votes and thus avoid the referendum.

“I am almost sure because we have asked for reconsideration. We arrived with 72 votes. For 87, 15 votes are missing and many were not because it was only done on 114 congressmen […] I am confident that it will come out.”estimated.


Dina Boluarte, Minister of Development and Social Inclusion

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