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Crash in Saxony! Ameliano knocks down the champion Libertad

The cast of the ‘V’ Azulada shook up the start of the second championship of the year, concretizing a triumph to breathe in the averages and surprisingly embittering the premiere of the brand new monarch of Paraguayan soccer in the second half of the season.

At 18 minutes, a play from the right sector led to a shipment against the albinegra area and Pablo Aguilar, in his first game with the Libertad shirt, sent the ball to the bottom of his own goal and made it 1-0 for the cast that officiated local in Saxony.

Those led by Humberto García were not satisfied and went looking for another blow. At 33 ‘, a VAR intervention led to the sanction of a penalty, which was commissioned by Antonio Oviedo. The Uruguayan striker finished off and Martín Silva deflected the ball, which hit the crossbar and the rebound hit the goalkeeper’s back, ending up in the net. Another goal against and another impact for the champion.

Ameliano would resist the 2-0 until the end of the match -with a good performance from his goalkeeper Jorge Chena, but he also had chances to increase the difference-.

Thus, those from the Jara neighborhood add up valuable points in the fight for permanence, while Libertad will aim to recover on the following day, in which they will face Olimpia in the black and white classic.

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