Enrique Correa will approve a new Constitution but “with reforms”

A few days after the Constitutional Convention officially delivered the proposal for a new Constitution, the definitions continue for the option that will be chosen in the exit plebiscite. One of these is the former minister of Patricio Aylwin’s Segegob, Enrique Correa, who announced that he will lean towards Approval.

“The Convention has finished its work. The President summons us to pronounce on the text approved by the Convention. I will vote I Approve,” he said.

“I consider both options, Approval and Rejection, to be equally legitimate. I believe that the text we will vote on requires improvements and reforms. Congress maintains the fullness of its constituent powers. I am sure it will exercise them. I am convinced that a triumph of approval will create a better situation to continue reforming,” he added.

It should be remembered that after the victory of the Approval in the 2020 entry plebiscite, former Minister Correa pointed out to Third that “the worst thing we could do is propose a Constitution of the victors, like Pinochet’s.”

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