Rudolf Hommes asks Petro to send more signals to calm the dollar

Rudolf Hommes asks Petro to send more signals to calm the dollar

Rudolf Hommes, former Minister of Finance and who publicly announced his support for Gustavo Petro for the second presidential round, asked the president-elect in the last few hours to send new messages with the purpose of putting a dam on the rise of the dollar that this Wednesday touched a historical ceiling and approached 4,350 pesos.

Hommes took the case of other countries, compared it with the situation in Colombia and concluded that the rise of the US currency is not only due to external factors.

(Six ministries already have a designated head by August 7).

“Between June 6 and today the Colombian peso has devalued 12.96%,” he said. “In the same period, the Chilean peso devalued 3.4% and the euro 3.3%,” she assured. “It is not correct to think then that the accelerated devaluation of the peso is “a world phenomenon” when it devalues ​​3+ times more than the others”, he concluded.

For Hommes, who applauded Petro’s choice, “there are other national factors that are causing a much faster devaluation. It has not been possible to create confidence on the evolution of the economy, but on governability. It will be necessary to announce what the tax and fiscal reform will be,” he asked.

“As Petro said: when that is announced, it will be known who is going to be counted on in Congress and to what extent there is a union. The sooner the better“, assured the former minister who in the second round opted for Petro because, according to his diagnosis, it was the best option to change the history of Colombia.

“For more or less 90 years we have not had an equal opportunity to change the country. In these elections we are playing for the next century. What my heart tells me is that with someone who has the possibility of creating a new party, doing something long term,” said the former minister.

However, at that time Hommes spoke of “two conditions” to ratify that support: “To make a reasonable economic policy, and to respect the Constitution and the law, which is not asking too much. I have a real chance to be with Petro if her purpose is democratic.”

In addition, the also former rector of Los Andes assured that he is motivated by the thought of being able to consolidate a new leftist party, which is democratic. “I believe that from the Historical Pact we can make a new party, of the democratic left. The big question is whether they want to make it. If they want, count on me,” he said.

Then, Hommes became a trend on social networks because after being described as the promoter of the economic reopening and free trade agreements, he now supported a candidate with a political orientation that was always critical of these flags.

*Taken from THE TIME

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