Eme Alfonso announces collaboration with Silvio Rodríguez

The Cuban singer and songwriter Eme Alfonso announced through her social networks the premiere this December 23 of the song “Quiero” with the special collaboration of the singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez.

The song won the Composition Award at Ibermúsicas 2021, a multilateral international cooperation program dedicated exclusively to musical arts that promotes the presence and knowledge of Ibero-American musical diversity, stimulates the formation of new audiences in the region and expands the market for work of professionals in the sector.

Produced by Yoyi Lagarza, founder and co-director of the Cuban jazz band Real Project, double bassist Gastón Joya and guitarist César Ochoa also participate.

Am Alfonso. Photo: Facebook.

Quiero” is “a song about secrets and about loving in silence,” the director of the international Havana World Music festival wrote on her social networks.

To compose the theme, its author was inspired by the famous novel Like water for Chocolate, by Laura Esquivel, published in 1989 and included among the hundred best novels in Spanish of the 20th century by the Spanish newspaper The world.

It is not the first time that Silvio Rodríguez has collaborated with the members of Síntesis. At the beginning of the 90s, the singer-songwriter recorded the album with the band the strange man, described by Ele Valdés as “unforgettable”.

“This beautiful book portrays different ways of loving but all related to longing, desire and attachment, I think that we have changed a lot the way of loving in the present, we don’t really need someone to be happy, I think that if we have the capacity to love each other first you can want from other perspectives that have nothing to do with the need but with the will to love freely.

“And we are not forced to resist either, the image of romantic love is quite negative and it is very ingrained in our cultures. I prefer quality over quantity, it is about what I sincerely “want” for my life,” posted Eme, who comes from an important family of Cuban musicians: her father Carlos Alfonso, her mother Ele Valdés and her brother Equis Alfonso.

Recently, the band Síntesis, of which he is a part, won the Latin Grammy Award in the category of Best Folk Album for the album Symphonic Ancestors.

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