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Electoral garbage after the internal ones: they withdraw 1,200 columneros per day in Asunción

The end of the year festivities represent very important moments to share with the family and the community, which promote the massive movement of people to different parts of the country. These dates can be used to eliminate mosquito breeding sites.

Hatcheries can be anywhere, inside or outside a building structure, so daily inspections of at least ten minutes must be carried out everywhere, discarding useless objects that may contain water.

In this sense, and within the framework of the national campaign “¡Me Comprometo! Let’s beat Dengue”, the National Malaria Eradication Service (SENEPA) urges taking advantage of family gatherings to strengthen actions to eliminate breeding sites of mosquitoes from the home, and in conjunction with the entire community.

Taking into account the current epidemiological context regarding chikungunya and dengue, it is essential that all sectors of society actively activate against the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the transmitter of these and other arboviral diseases.

Recommendations are provided below to live the holiday season safely, through simple steps such as:

• Inspect the home to dispose of unusable containers.

• Place frequently used objects upside down and/or under the roof.

• Clean gutters and water registers.

• Do not generate hatcheries in the sites that are visited, deposit disposable containers (cups, bottles, caps, etc.) in the authorized garbage cans.

• Maintain the pool with clean and chlorinated water.

• Apply repellent to skin and clothing, according to product directions.

• Dress in comfortable, light-colored clothing that covers the body and closed shoes.

“We must take care of ourselves at this time, the fight against the vector is mainly in the destruction of breeding sites, therefore, searching, identifying and eliminating containers that accumulate water from our homes and the immediate environment, patio or place of dispersion is essential to make it against arboviral diseases”, remarks the Dr. Gustavo Chamorro, general director of SENEPA.

Likewise, Dr. Chamorro insists that, before the appearance of symptoms such as fever, headaches, behind the eyes, muscle pain, and weakness, you should immediately go to the nearest health service and not self-medicate.

The commitment and accompaniment of everyone is essential to guarantee an environment free of the vector that transmits these diseases, not only at the end of the year and in the summer, but throughout the year.

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