Mayor of Chilca leaves with more criticism than applause

Mayor of Chilca leaves with more criticism than applause

In four years of management, the mayor of the Chilca district, , was discovered drinking in his office; he was saved from being hit by the population of Chilca Alta, annoyed by broken promises; he appeared linked to “” and was saved from a vacancy request. Despite this, two former mayors of that commune believe that he managed acceptable results.

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WHAT DID. “The management that he has done has been regular, along Próceres avenue and Leoncio Prado. There is no other that is noticeable”, says the former mayor of Chilquense José Auqui Cosme. “It is undeniable that there are large impact megaprojects that the regional government of Junín and the municipality of Huancayo have been investing in Chilca, hence the gratitude to the provincial and regional authority. For example, the work on the Coto Coto complex, the paving of Leoncio Prado avenue, Próceres”, highlights Abraham Carrasco Talavera, also a former mayor of Chilca.

Both highlight the paving of the two most important avenues in the district. Próceres that was co-financed by the regional government and Leoncio Prado also co-financed by the Huanca commune. To this, Carrasco Talavera adds two more: the tube wells in Azapampa and the channeling of the Chilca river.

INATTENTION. What mayor De la Cruz forgot, say the former mayors consulted, was the population that lives outside the city center. “I have to raise a voice of protest because the peripheral, marginal sectors were not treated as they deserve, understanding that there is chronic maternal and child malnutrition, anemia. They have not been able to get out of that problem, ”says Carrasco. For Auqui, this neglect was also at the level of projects: “For the entire sector of Azapampa, Echadero, all those sectors, no work has been achieved.”

Another point to highlight, according to Auqui, is how the management of Peru Libre in the district took advantage of the pandemic situation to improve its image. “What has helped him a lot is the issue of the pandemic; At the national level, the government gave food and transferred it to the municipalities, they have distributed it to the neighbors and they make it look like it was their management ”, he maintains.

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COMPLAINTS. De la Cruz Sullca, on the other hand, was not exempt from complaints. He was accused of political harassment by opposition councilor Mady Luz Ccoicca; investigated by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor for buying overpriced planters; for designating his sentimental partner as a commune official and during the electoral campaign, for violating the electoral law after he resigned to run for mayor of Huancayo.

FOUR YEARS. Finally, Carrasco Talavera points out that despite the small budget available to the district commune, it was possible to meet the goals set by the Ministry of Economy and Finance: “Particularly, as far as I have followed up, in some way or another they have tried to comply with the understanding that Chilca is a fairly complex district. There is not much budgetary availability to meet all the goals; however, the workers have joined to comply with them ”, he maintains.

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