Elections 2022: Reniec preselected citizens to integrate Special Electoral Juries of Lima

Elections 2022: Reniec preselected citizens to integrate Special Electoral Juries of Lima

The (Reniec) randomly pre-selected 25 citizens to integrate the (JEE) that will be in charge of the administration of justice in the first instance, during the .

Among the 25 selected, the National Election Jury (JNE) will randomly choose the citizen who will hold the position of third member of the JEE of Lima, representing the citizenry.

The selection was carried out by means of a public lottery, at the administrative headquarters of the Renieck, with the presence of the notary of Lima Jaime Tuccio Valverde and officials of the JNE.

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The representatives of the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) participated virtually. The list of those selected will be published on the website of the registration body () and will be published in the Official Gazette El Peruano.

Citizens whose ages are between 35 and 70 years old, have higher education and reside in the area they would represent entered the draw. Those who belong or have belonged to a political organization in the last four years, have been candidates for a popular election in the same period, or are active members of the Armed Forces and the National Police were not considered in the draw.

In addition to the citizen representative, the other two members of a Special Electoral Jury (JEE) are a superior judge and a prosecutor, appointed by the Superior Court of Justice or the Board of Superior Prosecutors of their respective jurisdictions. For next May, it is scheduled to carry out the pre-selection draw for the citizens who would make up the 92 JEE within the country.

The JEE are in charge of verifying that the process is carried out normally, and also of receiving and qualifying the applications for registration of the lists of candidates.

Likewise, they can resolve controversies related to the identity of voters, accreditation of representatives, state advertising, electoral propaganda, neutrality, electoral surveys, cross-outs, observed records and challenge of ballot papers.


After the announcement by the premier Mirtha Vásquez to make some adjustments in the cabinet, the question remains as to who would be the faces that would be changed. From the Congress, the change of Juan Silva, Eduardo González, among others, is requested.

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