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Elections 2022: 2 days left to request a vote in transit

If the voter already knows that he will not be near his polling place on election day, scheduled for October 2, he can request to vote in transit, in another location in the country, but only if he fills out a previous registration and indicates where he intends to vote. The deadline for has been open for almost a month, and ends next Thursday (18).Elections 2022: 2 days left to request a vote in transit

The same deadline applies to voting in an eventual second round, on October 30th. The voter can inform any city in the country with more than 100 thousand inhabitants to vote. However, there are differences according to the state in which you vote.

If they are in the same state as their electoral domicile, the voter may vote for the positions of president, governor, senator, federal and state or district deputy. If you are in another state, you can vote only for President of the Republic.

It is possible to request a vote in transit in only one or both rounds of voting. It is even allowed to vote in transit in one location in the first round and in another in the second round.

If this is the case, both locations must be nominated by next Thursday.

The places authorized to receive the vote in transit can be checked in the Electoral Justice portal. The application to vote in transit, however, must only be done in person, directly at any electoral registry. It is essential to bring an official photo ID.

It is not possible to vote in transit outside Brazil. Voters with registered titles outside the country, however, can vote in transit for president, in some locality of the national territory, if they are within Brazil.

“Voting in transit works as a temporary transfer of electoral domicile. Eligibility to vote in transit does not transfer or change any voter registration data. After the elections, the voter’s link with the section of origin is automatically re-established”, informs the Superior Electoral Court (TSE).

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