El Panadero is sentenced to 30 years for the death of Liz María

El Panadero is sentenced to 30 years for the death of Liz María

The First Collegiate Court of Santo Domingo East sentenced to 30 years in prison Esterlin Francisco Santos, “the Baker”, found guilty of raping and murdering the girl Liz Mariaeight years old, in August 2020.

The Baker He must serve his sentence in the La Victoria National Penitentiary.

Francis Saints admitted that he raped and strangled the minor in the Ensanche Isabelita, and threw her body into the Caribbean Sea, which was not located.

According to the indictment of Public ministrythe Baker“He declared that he met the girl three months before the crime and that two weeks after having treated her at the minor’s parents’ house, he touched her and to achieve this he lent her his cell phone.

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“I lent her my cell phone so that she could see cartoons and the games that I had downloaded for her, at that moment I took advantage of it to fondle her and touch her private parts,” the defendant told the prosecution body.

In addition, he indicated that when he touched her parts, the girl supposedly remained calm, so he continued to grope her on several occasions. The girl visited the Baker’s house to play with his child.

Starlin Francisco Santos said that on the same day of the incident he offered the girl his cell phone and invited her to his house to give it to him. After a while he told her that he needed to get some information from the device and began to touch her again in repeated scenes, according to the file.

Everything was going well until the girl threatened to tell her parents that he was groping her private parts. Just at that moment he became nervous and frightened by what, according to what he declared to the Public Ministry, he strangled her.

“I got nervous and when Liz Mary was going to go home I grabbed her by the neck and started to strangle her and she tried to defend herself. When she stopped moving, I put her body in an empty sack of white wheat flour, then I placed it in the basket of the motor”, she confessed.

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