Egrem de Cuba exalts Latin Grammy winning musicians

We congratulate the protagonists: Orquesta Aragón, Issac Delgado, and Alain Pérez, who once again expose their excellent quality and very high interpretive level in the section of Best Tropical Album, referred to the sound label.

According to the press release issued by Egrem, the music that is made in Cuba, in short, continues to be a phenomenon of continuous development, capable of imposing itself on any stage even in the face of harsh pressure.

The contest could not ignore in this edition, the unquestionable values ​​of these sounds that have had repercussions over decades in the paradigms of not a few styles and sounds that today are a reason for admiration, the statement underlined.

The oldest record company in the Caribbean country expressed its pride in the award that demonstrates the value of the cha cha chá -in its purest form or fused with sones and boleros-, one of the emblems of Cuban music before the world, after its commercial explosion in the middle of the last century.

The phonogram became a tribute to Aragon and its founder Rafael Lay, a benchmark of the brass band genre and identity in Cuba, put into dialogue with the creative universe of the renowned multi-instrumentalist Alain Pérez, who assumed all the arrangements together with the musical director Issac Delgado.

Tribute to the traditional dominated the category, which also featured the productions Gente con alma, by José Aguirre Cali Big Band; Chabuco in Havana, from Chabuco; Solos, by Jon Secada and Gonzalo Rubalcaba; and Alma cubana, by Leoni Torres.

The album recorded between August and November 2020 at Egrem Studios 18 in Havana, was mixed and mastered by El Cerrito Records in California and included, as a special guest, Cuban flutist Orlando Valle “Maraca”.

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