PLRA Comptroller will denounce Alegre for alleged breach of trust, appropriation and fraud

“Efraín only carries water to his mill”

The Governor of Cordillera and candidate for President of the Republic for the PLRA, Hugo Fleitas, in contact with Radio 1000, demanded that the head of his party, Efraín Alegre, show greater clarity and transparency in the agreements negotiated at the presidents of opposition political parties and movements.

He maintained in contact with Radio 1000 that Alegre cannot be judge and party in the talks, noting that the only thing he does with that “advantage” is to reach consensus tailored to his interests.

He also pointed out that the head of the liberal directory has the support of the majority of the leaders that make up the negotiating table. “All the decisions that are being made within the concertation are being made according to the interests of the Party president, who is a candidate today,” he emphasized.

“It already makes us doubt if he wants to participate (Efraín Alegre) in a Coalition), because of the way he is carrying out the process. Tomorrow most of the opposition presidents are going to participate in a meeting”, he concluded for Radio 1000.

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The entrance “Efraín only carries water to his mill” was first published in The Independent.

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