More than 30% of private organizations will not recover days declared as non-working

More than 30% of private organizations will not recover days declared as non-working

In the remainder of 2022 are pending Unlike those dates established as holidays, the days declared as non-working days are optional for private companies and can be recovered, if so defined.

According to a recent survey carried out by Marsh, 31% of organizations consider that their workers should not recover them. While, 44% indicate that they will take these days on account of their workers’ vacations, in order to give them the greatest ease.

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Along these lines, Marsh maintains that a maximum of 30% of organizations will take advantage of the provision, and consider offering these days as a benefit for their employees, under the main focus of promoting work-life balance within their organizations.

main dates

Of the next dates declared as non-working, 9% of the organizations indicate that they will not work on June 24, 15% during August 29, October 7 (11%), October 31 (13%) , December 26 (22%) and December 30 (31%). Meanwhile, about 70% of the companies participating in the survey warn that they will have work activities during the aforementioned dates.

Among the work sectors that would abide by non-working dates, those that carry out administrative activities and manage sales stand out. While the positions of customer service and operational activities are the ones that will least apply the provisions of these dates.

It should be noted that these dates, designated by the authorities, were established in order to encourage tourism and reactivate the economy. For the public sector under a scheme of compensable hours, and optional for the private sector.


This Sunday, May 1, International Labor Day is commemorated, which is considered a national holiday for employees in the public and private sectors. Do you work that day? Do you know how much they should pay you? Here we tell you.

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