Llaman promotores educación a prestar atención a transformación digital

Education promoters call to pay attention to digital transformation

Barcelona, ​​Spain. -The Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology of the Dominican Republic, Franklin García Fermín, considered that it is extremely important that the Ibero-American countries assume the commitment to face the challenges that the digital transformation of educational systems implies.

When giving a speech in the framework of the celebration of the “Ibero-America-European Union Meeting: a shared look at the future of higher education”, which concludes this May 17, in this Spanish city, Minister García Fermín indicated that these challenges will be They register in an international panorama that they have been moving between the covid-19 pandemic and the conflict of war and cyberwar, which endanger health, integrity and world peace.

“In these turbulent times, of great challenges in issues as specific as digital transformation, sustainability and the necessary internationalization, it is of the utmost importance to assume commitments that are in line with
with these challenges,” he said.

The Barcelona event, promoted by the Ibero-American General Secretariat (SEGIB) together with the Ibero-American University Council, enters into the spirit of innovation and creativity that has characterized higher education and is in accordance with the official program of the week of the Unesco World Conference 2022 and whose motto is Reinventing Higher Education for a Sustainable Future.

García Fermín heads the delegation from the Dominican Republic that attends the World Conference on Higher Education (WHEC 2022), which is made up of the Vice Minister of Higher Education, Carmen Evarista Matías Pérez; the rector of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), Emma Polanco, the rector of the Universidad Central del Este, and president of the Association of Rectors of Universities (ADRU), José Altagracia Hazim.

The president of the Dominican Association of Universities (ADOU), José Alejandro Aybar, and the teaching vice-chancellor of the UASD, Alejandro Ozuna Morla, will also attend.

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