US investment in the Mexican southeast

Education: for the soul of the Nation

It is a pity that the López Obrador regime does not take advantage of the powerful mandate of the ballot box to make public education the backbone of a development policy that uproots the burdens of poverty and inequality.

It is understandable that, like any government, the current one seeks to make its, let’s say, ideology prevail, but it is unacceptable that ideology prevails over what should be a priority: quality education for children and young people.

Unacceptable because all the energy of the ruling party is concentrated not on the search for educational quality, but on the efforts of the ideologues of the regime to seize the soul of the Nation, through public education. Cloudy times are coming.

True, Biden is not Trump, but…

In this space of El Economista it was warned last Wednesday that the circumstances forced the White House to readjust immigration policy with the Government of Mexico.

The forced readjustment is due to the probable ruling of the United States Supreme Court tomorrow that would reestablish the Trump-era rule that made Mexico a waiting room for asylum seekers and they must renegotiate with López Obrador.

The terms of the agreement are discussed today by Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard in Washington. He has instructions for a quid pro because Palacio knows that Biden is not one-armed, even though he is “cordial” and does not threaten as Trump’s jerk did.

Labor Day in times of labor reform

Perhaps due to inertia, yesterday there were parades for Labor Day, which, for obvious reasons, for now are not official, although they should be, if the Government of the Republic presumes its status as a “leftist government.”

Or perhaps they will never be official anymore, because the entire labor legal framework is “modernized”, to put it in current terms, to comply with the T-MEC and, as the ruling party says, to end “corporatism and charro leaders” .

The labor reform underway is so drastic that it still requires supervision by the head of the STPS, Luis María Alcalde, even if it is because the legal adjustments receive US financing, according to the terms of the trade agreement.


As always, to the satisfaction of the National Palace, there is controversy that rationalizes, dissects, combats, and even justifies the Electoral Reform initiative, the new official blof… Raúl Castro reappeared yesterday at the Labor Day parade in Havana. Perhaps it is an indication that he will talk with President López Obrador during his next visit to Cuba… To the satisfaction of the federal treasury, the changes in the laws that regulate outsourcing added 4 million people to legal and fiscal formality; but they also threw another million into unemployment. Collateral damage, many will say, yes, of those that take revenge in each election… The Texan Governor Gregg Abbot, swear it, will not lose a minute of sleep because the accusation of blackmailing the Mexican border governors made by Foreign Minister Ebrard… They have passed 20 centuries and the wisdom of Cicero remains unchanged: “It is human to err; but only the stupid persevere in error”…

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