Edil Blanco apologized for accusing teachers of having said “long live the Broad Front”

“It was what many of us understood was said. We clearly apologize for the case but we stand firm, ”Rodríguez said to The Observer. “It is a mistake that I made as a result of the fact that what was investigated was not like that. One assumes the consequences, I have no problem recognizing. The issue is already settled. I am glad that the Broad Front has not been said long live, ”he acknowledged.

Consulted on whether he regrets having advanced to the investigation, answered: “No, because we are in a democracy and legislators and people can express themselves in the way that they feel.”.

“You have to respect it and abide by it,” he said, regarding the case file and the investigation. “It is very good that transparency is carried. (…) It was not said ‘long live the Broad Front’ and it is good that it be clarified. That does not mean that public education in these 15 years has been lowered the bar. It hurts the Broad Front to be told the truth, “he added.

Rodríguez said that “it is absolutely false that there is persecution” of teachers or leaders. “What happens is that those who criticize these types of attitudes are those who do not believe in full democracies. They are those who are afraid that the embarrassment that the unions are making will be made public (…) I also want to see if the rest of those who said that education with the LUC (Law of Urgent Consideration) was privatized, are going to ask sorry. They went radio silent. I didn’t listen to any of them, ”he pointed out.

The General Directorate of Initial and Primary Education (Dgeip) filed this Friday the investigation into the video, where a group of students danced the National Pericón, at the end of the year event. “Long live sixth year” is heard in a video that took public status, but led to confuse it with a political harangue.

ANEP’s Legal Division took statements from 16 witnesses, including teachers, non-teaching staff and parents of students. In addition, he received several videos of the same event, which allow establishing that what Rodríguez indicated in the tweet he wrote last Thursday did not happen.

“From the creators of education, education, education, comes the ‘Long Live the Broad Front’ in a school event. I hope that the authorities will react immediately and those responsible will be expelled as soon as possible. The inheritance that left us 15 years of decline “, the mayor explained then.

On the other hand, after a video about the event became public, the nationalist deputy Alfonso Lereté, –as president of the Education and Culture Commission– denounced the case before the Central Directing Council (Codicen) of ANEP.

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