Bombshell: Ronaldo Nazario announces the purchase of the Cruzeiro

Bombshell: Ronaldo Nazario announces the purchase of the Cruzeiro

The former forward and current owner of Valladolid has surprised by taking over the Brazilian club

Ronaldo Nazario takes over Cruzeiro


Ronaldo Nazario will become the main shareholder of Cruzeiro Esporte Clube, a historic club from Belo Horizonte that currently plays in the Brazilian Serie B. The former Brazilian striker, also the owner of Real Valladolid, has reached an agreement to buy the club where he began his sports career.

The news has been a bombshell in the South American country after being confirmed by Ronaldo himself from his networks. “I am very happy to have completed this operation. I have a lot to give back to Cruzeiro,” Nazario said after the purchase agreement.

In Valladolid the news has come as a great surprise. It was known that Ronaldo has been in Brazil for a month, although his work to take over Cruzeiro was unknown. In fact, the majority shareholder of the Pucelano club recently assured that all his money was in Valladolid.

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