Edeeste restores Gascue energy service after fire

Edeeste restores Gascue energy service after fire

The Eastern Electricity Distribution Company (Edeeast) rehabilitated this Wednesday night in its entirety the energy service to the clients of Gascueafter being affected on Monday afternoon by the fire of the energy substation of that sector belonging to the National District.

This was reported by the manager of Edeeast, Andres Portes, who led the operation with his team to complete the rehabilitation of the substation.

“After almost three days of intense work by our units, the ones we activated in response to the incident that affected transformer number two of the electrical substation Cesar Nicolas Penson, in Gascuealready 100% of the clients in that area receive continuous, stable and reliable energy”, Portes said in a press release.

Likewise, he maintained that at this time the service to the other circuits belonging to the affected facility was enabled.

“In Edeeast We continue to accelerate the rehabilitation of the affected areas for the installation of the new transformer in the César Nicolás Penson substation and all its infrastructure”, he detailed.

The official pointed out that the continuation of the works for the installation of the new equipment is projected, as well as the restoration and reconstruction of the damaged areas in the aforementioned energy redistribution center.

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“Our staff works 24 hours a day, in different teams distributed in shifts, to rehabilitate each of the facilities that were affected by the fire”, said the official.

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