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Tweeters criticize indigenous giant who used chavismo in a march: “What a ridiculousness”

indigenous giant Caracas
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This October 12 in Venezuela, the Day of the Race was commemorated, or as Chavismo decided to call it, a celebration of the indigenous resistanceand before this, they carried out a march in Caracas with a striking giant sculpture that received a lot of criticism on social networks.

Wearing native clothing and chanting slogans in support of Nicolás Maduro, a group of protesters marched down Francisco de Miranda avenue in rejection of the sanctions implemented by the United States and the European Union.

However, what caught the most attention was the giant indigenous that accompanied them, which was lifted by a crane-type vehicle. It was the figure of the indigenous Amalivaca, god of the creation of the world, according to the beliefs of the Tamanaco and Caribbean ethnic groups.

“An immense Amalivaca marches together with indigenous leaders to denounce the blockade against Venezuela as a crime against humanity. Related to those that were committed against (our) ancestors of him from October 12, 1492, “wrote Ernesto Villegas, Minister of Culture, on his Twitter account.

After this, users of the social network expressed their disagreement with the use of this type of resource at a time when various areas of the country are affected by the rains. “How can we think about marches? How can we think of anything other than Las Tejerías?”, expressed a user in response to the video shared by Villegas.

Tweeters criticize indigenous giant who walked chavismo in march in Caracas

They also criticized what the Maduro government establishes as a priority, because “with the money that was spent on that grotesque” it could have repaired burned transformers in some communities with poor electrical service. Also, other netizens highlighted, the money invested in the giant indigenous could be used for the country’s hospitals.

“Spending money on things that are not worth it! Something that doesn’t make sense. Why don’t they spend that money on hospitals? Or at least to pay the employees of the Ministry of Culture well, since they are no longer given benefits,” another user denounced.

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