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Economic activity in Colombia varied in June 8.5%

Economic activity in Colombia varied in June 8.5%

The deputy director general (e) of Dane, Julieth Solano, presented on Tuesday the figures of the Economy Monitoring Indicator (ISE) for the month of June. For the month of this period of 2022, the ISE in its original series stood at 118.59, which represented a growth of 8.53% compared to June 2021 (109.27).

Regarding its monthly behavior, for June 2022 the Indicator for Monitoring the Economyin its series adjusted for seasonal and calendar effects, stood at 120.89, which represented a growth of 0.04%, compared to the month of May 2022.

For its part, for the year to date (January to June 2022), the ISE in its original series, registered a growth of 10.48% compared to the same period of the previous year, while, for the year 2021, from January to June, a growth of 8.73% was registered.


In addition, the entity revised upwards the ISE for the month of May, which went to 17.2%. Originally the Dane had reported a figure of 16.5%.

There were also corrections to previous data, showing an upward trend in economic activity.

The Economy Monitoring Indicator is a synthetic index whose purpose is to provide a measure of the evolution of the real activity of the economy in the short term, which adjusts to the methodology used in the quarterly national accounts; composed of a heterogeneous set of representative monthly indicators of economic activities.


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