Eldris González Pozo, Policía política

Political police continue to harass Eldris González: “They want to revoke my extra-penal license”

GUANTANAMO, Cuba. — The political prisoner Eldris Gonzalez Pozo was threatened last Tuesday at his home by a State Security officer, the opponent informed CubaNet.

Eldris himself assured that he was summoned to appear yesterday at two in the afternoon at the Police Station known as Third Motorized, an interrogation that he did not attend because he considered the subpoena document illegal or invalid.

The officer who appeared at the Eldris home, located in the Zamorana district of Santiago, identified himself as the second chief of the DSE in the province. The soldier told him that some anti-government posters had appeared in the neighborhood with the messages “Homeland and Life” and “We want freedom” and insinuated the possible link of the activist to the events.

According to Eldris, the agent also addressed his alleged link with Yamila, the Cuban influencer known as “Maceo’s daughter”, because the activist had had a conversation with a collaborator of hers who identifies with the Facebook user of “Mambisa Flowers”.

The agent reminded the opponent that the people who live abroad are the ones who are financing all the anti-government actions that are being carried out inside Cuba.

Eldris González Pozo was also reprimanded for having gone to the home of Enrique Figuerola Miranda to make a direct announcement on social networks after being released.

The State Security officer ended up threatening the activist with revoking his extra-penal release if he continued to post content on social networks.

“They are trying to do the same thing they did to me to take me to prison, only this time they want to revoke my extra-penal release,” the Santiago oppositionist explained to this newspaper.

“I have no link with any terrorist and much less will I agree to carry out any act of terrorism in Santiago de Cuba,” he argued.

Since last May, Eldris González Pozo has been serving his sentence under the extra-penal release regime, which was granted to him after the first of the two heart attacks that he has suffered so far this year.

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