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Each Cuban baseball player who participated in the World Classic will receive $25,600

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Clásico Mundial de Béisbol

MIAMI, United States. – The Cuban players who participated in the V World Baseball Classic will win a total amount of 25,600 dollars each, revealed on Twitter the journalist specializing in sports issues Francys Romero.

According to Romero, who did not specify the original source of the information, the Major League Baseball (MLB) payment will be made “between 1-12 weeks, in one or more transactions.”

After the news was released, the communicator and activist Norges Rodríguez wondered, also On twitterhow this sum of money would reach the Cuban athletes.

“How are they going to pay the Cuban players, in MLC? By Banco Popular de Ahorro or by BANDEC? What company linked to the regime will receive the ‘real’ money to then put the MLC on the Cuban baseball player?” questioned Rodríguez, before concluding that the V World Classic was “one more piece in the gear of the thaw 2.0”.


Recently, CubaNet reported that the MLB would distribute 14.4 million dollars in prizes, a figure that includes an amount of 300,000 dollars for each one of the 20 selections that will take part in the event.

50% of the income of each team must be distributed among its 30 players, while the other half will fall on the federation of each country. The Cuban team, for having reached the semifinals, should receive half a million dollars.

For the Island, it will be the Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB), a state entity, which will receive 50% of the total payment from the MLB.

The players, on the other hand, will receive their share of the money, although until now the way in which the players residing in Cuba will enter the money is unknown.

In summary, although the World Baseball Classic did not deliver large cash prizes —taking into account the salaries earned by players who are members of Major League Baseball—, Cubans will receive a notable reward.

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