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Local and departmental authorities want to participate more in peace

The governors of the country They came out to indicate:The common proclamation of the ‘Freedom and Order’ governors that was shared on social networks was an authentic gesture of respect and a sense of patriotism that arises from the complex challenges we face as a society, after the criminal actions of armed groups on the fringes. of the law that threaten Colombians“.

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And it is that at the summit of those leaders they told the president’s government, Gustavo Petro that “We want to warn you that as long as the National Government continues to ignore the legitimacy of the local authorities and the understanding they have of the differential circumstances and situations of each one of the territories, there will be no success in the implementation of the peace policy.”.

They clarified: “It cannot be that we are in a scenario of increased violence and criminal actions in the territories and that this has to be the cost of peace”.

From elsewhere, the Colombian Federation of Municipalities joined the call of the country’s governors, who requested that the public force combat the promoters of insecurity that affects all municipalities and who have not accepted the outstretched hand of the government.

We see with concern how different illegal armed groups did not accept the call of President Petro and continued to harass the military forces and the civilian population.“, said Gian Carlo Gerometta, mayor of Mosquera (Cundinamarca) and president of Fedemunicipios.

He added that “From Fedemunicipios we ask the Government to intensify military actions against those who do not want to accept the call for Total Peace”.

For his part, Gilberto Toro, director of Fedemunicipios, pointed out that “thehe local leaders are the first representation of the State in our communities; we must as a country unite in the purpose of peace with security”.

For this reason, they urged the government to build ‘total peace’ from the local.


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